Advanced Laser Treatment For Piles, Fissures And Fistula

Advanced Laser Treatment For Piles, Fissures And Fistula

The invention of laser for Piles, Fistula And Fissures eased the treatment procedure. Lasers have almost ended the painful surgical procedures which is a risky process and take a lot of time event to recover.

Laser treatment is the best one with high success rate, minimum pain, minimally invasive, faster recovery and many other advantages included. So we, Sankhya Hospitals have Expertise Doctors and we have introduced these minimally invasive treatments to treat your fistula and piles with the latest painless laser tech treatment.

The laser treatment is as simple as you will recover within days and can have a normal diet.

Advanced Laser Treatment For Piles, Fissures And Fistula


  • Undru bhagavanUndru bhagavan

    I am admitted this hospital for surgery varicose vein, suffering last 4 years i have solution from Sankhya Hospital day care laser surgery done Dr Abhilash Sandhyala now iam free from varicose problem Thanking you to Dr Abhilash & Hospital Team.

  • Bhaskar1984 PalakommaBhaskar1984 Palakomma

    Hospital Service Very good Affordable for medial class people i recommended in kphb area.

  • Mallikarjuna naiduMallikarjuna naidu

    Simply Superb!!! The processing of Health claims is fastest & hassle free. Good response & care.

  • laxman digarilaxman digari

    Recently Me and My wife admitted in Sankhya Hospitals with Typhoid Fever..Good Treatment and Good Caring.

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