All Your Questions About Hypertension Answered

All Your Questions About Hypertension Answered

You know how people talk about their ‘blood pressure’ increase every time something annoys them or angers them? Well, even though it might sound  exaggerated, yet, unfortunately, for many, hypertension is a reality.

Hypertension (HTN) or elevated blood pressure is a common disease occurring among the people across the globe and not confining to particular race and region. Untreated HTN has a profound deleterious effect on individual health.

Stages of Hypertension

Since it’s a common health condition which is widely discussed and debated, there are many myths surrounding this particular condition.

Here are some of the most common questions about hypertension:

What is HTN and how it affects me?

HTN is defined as elevated blood pressure more than 120 systolic and 80 diastolic in more than two occasions. HTN, if it is not controlled it has tremendous effects on one’s health such as heart attacks, stroke and kidney failure.

What are the symptoms of HTN?

Most of the persons having elevated blood pressure presents with headache, dizziness and chest pain. However, it could be silent i.e without any symptoms. It’s always better to have regular blood pressure check-ups.

Symptoms of Hypertension

How to diagnose it?

HTN cannot be diagnosed on single reading. It needs several readings to be done before confirm it. So, do not ignore reading your BP even if the first two readings are normal, and do not panic if  they are elevated in the first couple of instances.

Where do I get check my blood pressure, when and how?

You can get checked your blood pressure by a qualified person such as doctors, nurses and paramedics. Check your blood pressure, when you are calm and cool, seated on chair with hand, by the side and the BP machine is kept at the same level of your heart. You have to check multiple readings of your blood pressure at hospital, home and AMBP(Ambulatory monitoring of blood pressure).

Blood Pressure Monitor

What are the devices to check blood pressure?

There are several devices to check blood pressure i.e. sphygmomanometer, electronic oscillometer and AMBP devices. Automated electronic oscillometer is considered as the best error proof device to check blood pressure.

Should I take medicines lifelong?

HTN is once diagnosed it remains lifetime. You need to check it regularly to maintain blood pressure under control either by medication or lifestyle modification or both.

Does HTN runs in families?

Some forms of HTN are hereditary i.e. if more than one member in your family has HTN or diagnosed early ages, you should start checking your blood pressure as well.

How many types of HTN are there?

Generally, HTN is of two types:

– Essential HTN,

– Secondary HTN.
It is very important to differentiate these two as treatment difference between two groups.

Why is Hypertension more common in youngsters?

Nowadays, many young people are suffering from HTN due to stress, obesity, junk foods, lack of physical activity and alcohol consumption.

Hypertension in Youngsters

Can we prevent HTN?

HTN can be prevented or at least delayed by adopting life style modification.
Adopting to increased physical activity, avoiding junk foods and practicing stress relieving methods such as yoga, adopting Mediterranean diet or dash Diet.

Mediterranean diet is worldwide accepted dietary approach to prevent and control HTN. This dietary regime advices to take lot of green leafy Vegetables, seeds, sprouts, lentils, fruits and complex carbohydrates and advice to reduce consumption of red meat and fatty products.

Should I get screened for HTN now?

Every individual above the age of 30 years family history of HTN, Heart diseases, kidney diseases and  suffering from recurrent episodes of headache, chest pain and giddiness, Need to be check for HTN.

Now that you have understood important points about hypertension, do not delay getting a reading done. Visit us at Sankhya Hospitals or Book an Appointment if needed, after all, hypertension is not healthy and can cause several other health issues if left untreated.

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