Laser Hair Removal: An Overview

Unwanted hair over face & various parts of body have become an important cosmetic concern in day-to-day life. People try to get rid of it, temporarily or permanently. Temporary methods include plucking, waxing, threading & shaving. The permanent methods are: Electrolysis: It …
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Allergic Rhinitis All You Need To Know

An allergy could be anything that makes you feel discomforted in its presence. For instance some people cannot bear the smell of perfumes, some start sneezing profusely when there’s dust around, and some people have it on an extreme level when the …
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Stents For Diabetic Foot patients

Diabetes comes with a lot of restrictions especially regarding the food habits of a person. No sweets of any kind, a strict diet.  But, what many of you might not know is that having diabetes also has an adverse effect on other …
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