Can We Cure Piles Without Surgery?

Can We Cure Piles Without Surgery?

Have you been experiencing discomfort while using the washroom lately? Well, this is something which definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Did you know, experiencing discomfort with additional sensitivity, while using the washroom are some of the main symptoms of piles?

Piles are one of the most sensitive issues faced by millions of people globally. Even though it could be embarrassing to talk about this specific issue with your doctor, addressing it as early as possible is the only best option. The good news is, there are multiple ways of curing piles without using any invasive methods, which can be discussed in detail during your consultation with the doctor.

Read on to know how you can cure piles without any surgery. 

Ways To Cure Piles Without Surgery

Instead of opting for an invasive method you can start by making a few and changes which can also help you find some relief and also help you cure piles over a period of time.

Here are a few ways to do so:

Avoid Putting Too Much Pressure On The Abdomen.

This one of the main reasons for aggravating piles, causing pain, discomfort and irregular bowel movements to occur. It is best to avoid adding as much strain possible which directly affects the veins to swell up in the rectum. Putting strain causes more pain, discomfort which also results in bleeding. 

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Don’t Suppress Any Bowel Movements.

Suppressing any bowel movements is like going against Mother Nature, which is not advisable when anyone has piles. It is best not to fight the urge of going to the washroom in order to avoid any constipation and additional discomfort.  

Drink Plenty Of Fluids.

Keeping yourself hydrated is the most simple ways of preventing haemorrhoids. Along with a healthy diet, drinking an adequate amount of water helps prevent any constipation, and also decreases any stress added to the abdomen. It is best to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day this also helps keep the digestive system lubricated and running smoothly. 

Exercise Regularly.

Including exercise in your daily routine helps in improving the body's immunity levels and also keeping the body fit. And, exercise is also considered as one of the best ways in reducing constipation. 


Maintain a healthy diet.

Include fibrous food items in your daily diet such as Split peas, Lentils, French beans, Lima Beans, Baked beans, Whole grains, Barley, Oatmeal and Brown rice. Fresh fruits such as Raspberries, Apples, Pears and Bananas also helps provide your body with the much-needed fibre.


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Take Sitz Baths

Sitting in warm water can also help in keeping the area clean, avoids any infections and reduces any itching around the anal area. Taking regular sitz baths also helps in soothing the area and providing some relief. 

Visit the doctor when it’s required.

Maintaining a habit of visiting your doctor as advised by your doctor will help you understand the progress of piles. This also helps you stay healthy and avoid any unnecessary complications from occurring. 

So, don’t put yourself through unnecessary pain, when you can gain relief by consulting a medical professional. If you still have any concerns and questions about piles, please feel free to book an appointment online, or walk into Sankhya Hospital. Our doctors at Sankhya Hospital will suggest the most effective and suitable ways to deal with piles without the need for any surgery. 


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