General Physician: Roles And The Diseases Treated

General Physician: Roles And The Diseases Treated

General Physicians or General Practitioners as they are commonly known as are different from specialists or surgeons. They are more inclined towards treating the patients on the post or pre-operative side of things. Their knowledge and the expertise in a wide area gives them the edge in medical practice.

General Physician Role

General Physicians mostly work with hospitalised patients, and many of them even see patients in consultation rooms, depending on their form of disease or illness fits the bill. A general physician, however, could also be a specialised doctor, as they might have opted for it, but overall they are well equipped with diagnosing and treating diseases or illnesses that are non-surgical.

Roles of a General Physician

The General Physician will see patients by referrals given to by other doctors, which in most cases are the patient’s general practitioners themselves. The General Physician is a person who cares about any individual or widespread disease the patient might be suffering, but the below roles define his scope of work.

Wide, global approach

A patient might come in with a problem, but may have many others, but those that would have missed in the initial assessment. A General Physician’s assessment on any given patient is quite comprehensive, meaning the detection of the problem is much better and deeper, and in most cases, a General Physician does not miss anything.


A General Physician is more of a multi-tasker and is a highly capable expert in diagnostic and assessment. It essentially means he or she could always take on the most complex of problems, diagnose it and provide support, medically and psychologically.



A General Physician is well trained to diagnose even the most complex illnesses, and are also trained to conduct any diagnosis of diseases more logically and safely.


General Physicians are well aware of the latest, new therapies for various diseases, meaning they always upgrade and update themselves with the changing trends in medical science. Their knowledge in medicines also plays a crucial part in solving complex problems and giving the right advice and assessments on illnesses a patient might be suffering.


Pre and Post-operative care

General Physicians, as their role is defined as non-operative, do have an active role to play in operations. They are the ones that thoroughly review patients before any surgery and offer the surgeon with reports on risk factors the patient might have related to the surgery. On the other hand, General Physician’s are on the side to aid the patients with post-operative care as well as well equipped to deal with any complications the patient might have during that period.

Are General Physicians special people in the medical world?

In a way they are! Their expertise and a vast area of approach distinguish them from other medical specialists or even general practitioners. They go through a more rigorous training programme as part of their education, but their ability to think logically than in only a few directions, make them special. Their area of expertise in itself is broad and offer multiple solutions to the most complex problems patients might suffer.

What treatments do General Physicians usually treat?

General Physicians are known to treat a wide range of small illnesses, which are essentially like a common cold, fever, and other diseases. The General Physician is also known to treat illnesses like Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, pneumonia and lung fibrosis.


A general physician’s role is entirely different from other medical specialists or surgeons, but his work is essential for others to treat a patient. Their broad area of expertise helps them diagnose and suggest treatments for the most complex diseases.

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