Here Are A Few Tips You Should Know For A Healthy Summer

Here Are A Few Tips You Should Know For A Healthy Summer

“Winter is Coming” was the most popular phrase in the recent years. Of course you were not talking about the season but the show where the phrase is used. But now, in the real world, summer is here and it’s here with all its heat. Literally.

Health Tips for Summer

Your body needs moisture and heat drains out body of moisture every time you step out of the house during the day or even in the night.

Here are a few tips to beat the heat and stay healthy this summer. 

Drink Water: To beat this summer, hydrating yourself is one of your core responsibility. That doesn’t mean your drink litres of Pepsi or Coca Cola. We mean water. 10-15 glasses of water is what your body needs everyday. If not water, juices and buttermilk not only provides fluid intake, it also keeps your body cool.

Healthy Summer Drinks

Fruit Diet: Food accompanied with fruits are perhaps one of the most effective way to beat the heat. Fruits like mangoes, watermelons keep your body warm and nourish it with the fibers. Always have the fruits raw or the juices with no added sugar which makes it more effective.

Summer Diet

Protection from the Sun: Just because you see, people from other countries sunbathing or roaming in the sun. Do not follow them as their skin is different. Hence, protect yourself by using generous amounts of sunscreen lotions and carry an umbrella. Harsh sunlight has the potential to cause headaches too, so be prepared.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Cotton is your best friend: Another very important aspect of summer to keep in mind is clothing. Avoid silky clothes in the summer whether it is day or night. Cotton and linen is your best friend. They keep your comfortable and also allow wind to sweep through to your body.

Eat healthy: Salads, cold cuts is something very effective in the summer. Foods with excessive oil is something which can hamper your digestion. Light food will always help you digest easily and avoids digestion issues. So, just enjoy home cooked food.

Healthy Summer Foods

Exfoliate the dead cells: Summer and sweat go together. Due to excessive sweating, the chances of your skin pores getting clogged are quite high. So, it’s essential that you scrub off the dead cells. However, a word of caution: too much of anything is bad and scrubbing your skin more than necessary will just leave you with sore skin.

Exercise regularly: Do not take holidays from the gym or working out by giving heat as an excuse. Exercise is very important to keep yourself healthy, so, hit the gym, even in the head so that your body is fit.

Exercise Regularly

Oil your hair regularly: This summer, make oil your best friend for your hair rather than shampoo. Summers can take a toll on your hair which is why, it’s essential to keep your scalp hydrated. Oil can relieve all the dryness and itching.

So, this summer, live a healthy life, without worrying about the heat or sickness.

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