How To Get Rid Of Mycosis?

How To Get Rid Of Mycosis?

No matter how dangerous or fatal various diseases which affect people can be, cancer is perhaps the one disease which people most fear. Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in certain organs or parts of the body which spreads from one part of the body to the other, ultimately damaging each and every system in your body. However, with the help of advancement in technology and medicine, man has finally been able to conquer some forms of cancer by beating it, especially in its earlier stages. However, there are some types of cancer which still remain as fatal. One such cancer is known as mycosis fungoides.

Mycosis Fungoides

What is mycosis fungoides?

The fungoides (which is a fungal infection in animals and can also harm humans) of the mycosis is a fatal illness of your blood. It is classified as a type of lymphoma and is a rare illness, which is very rare.

This disease is most commonly seen as lesions which occurs in the trunk, thighs and the chests of the person. In the disease of fungoides of the mycosis, the lymphoma of the blood remains in the biggest parts in the skin which results in one rash.

It is highly difficult to determine if you can have fungoides of the mycosis, as a rash can mean anything. However, studies and research has suggested that various and diverse biopsies are required before the diagnosis can be made. Most of the people who have fungoides of the mycosis will be having a rash for years together.

What are the symptoms of Mycosis Fungoides ?

The symptoms appear as a rash like patch, plaque or even a lesion.

Symptoms Of Mycosis Fungoides

What are the causes Mycosis Fungoides ?

The causes of Mycosis Fungoides are unknown as the disease is not contagious and research shows does not have a genetic link.

Treatment of Mycosis Fungoides

Even though, the diagnosis of Mycosis Fungoides takes years together, there are a few successful treatment methods which are temporarily effective. There is no cure to this disease.

The doctor can prescribe steroid beats or even ointments to help with the itching that can happen. These steroids are safe to use, if they are applied correctly under the supervision of nurses and the doctor.

Another treatment is ultraviolet light (PUVA) which can often help with controlling the condition. This will imply coming to the hospital or chamber of the doctor two to three times a week for ten to fifteen minutes.

Apart from this, Photochemotherapy or the photopheresis is another technique used in the various medical centres around the world for the treatment of the fungoides of the micosis. This method is majorly used to treat individual areas, which has proved to be resisting the PUVA therapy.

Treatment For Mycosis Fungoides

Due to its rarity, there has been limited research on this deadly disease. However, if you feel or notice a rash which has been present since a long time, Visit Us at Sankhya Hospitals so that we can determine if you have been suffering from Mycosis Fungoides.

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