The term Nephrology is derived from Greek. The word Nephros means kidneys and ology mean the study or science. It is a subdivision of General medicine which deals with the function and diseases of the kidney. It constitutes the diagnosis and treatment of illness related to kidney including electrolyte disturbances, dialysis, hypertension, renal replacement therapy and renal transplant, patients. A Physician or a doctor who has specialisation in nephrology is referred as Nephrologists. These doctors are trained in the diagnosis, cure and management of diseases related to the kidney.

Mostly the diseases affecting the kidney are systemic disorders which are not limited to the organ itself and also require special medical help. Polycystic kidney diseases are congenital or genetic such as systemic vasculitides (ANCA vasculitis) and autoimmune diseases (lupus).

Nephrologists treat different kidney disorders such as:

  • Acid-base disorders
  • Renal Transplantation
  • Uric Acid Nephropathy
  • Electrolyte disorders
  • Azotemia
  • Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)
  • Encephalopathy, Uremic
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Nephrectomy (Partial & Radical)
  • Acute kidney disease
  • Pericarditis (Uremic)
  • End-stage renal disease
  • Uremia
  • Acute Renal Failure
  • Hereditary kidney disorders
  • Acute Tubular Necrosis
  • Tubulointerstitial diseases of the kidney
  • Chronic Renal Failure
  • Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy

At Sankhya Hospital we provide thorough diagnostic services, medical care and surgical treatments to our patients. We have developed personalised treatment plans with which we achieved high success rate and recognition. Our approaches towards kidney related treatments are latest in the healthcare industry such as minimally invasive & noninvasive surgery, shockwave and laser lithotripsy.

Our specialisation in dialysis services include:

  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Hemodialysis
  • Veno-venous hemofiltration
  • Veno-venous hemodiafiltration
  • Charcoal hemoperfusion
  • Ultrafiltration

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