Dr. Kranthi P – ENT Surgeon

Dr. Kranthi P is an ENT specialist with an experience of 6 years. She is currently posted as consultant ENT surgeon at Sankhya Hospital. She is also a member of esteemed associations like AOI AP, AOI Telangana, AOI Hyderabad.

As time goes on you face many problems related to Eyes, Nose and Throat. These are very sensitive parts in our body. If these sensitive parts need a surgery, there were a lot of complications associated with the surgeries.

But now, all complications are waved off with the introduction of the new cutting-edge laser technology. With laser treatment, you have numerous benefits like painless laser surgery which require less time, faster recovery and most probably cost-effective and safer procedure.

We at Sankhya Hospitals equpipped with this latest laser technology and with expertise doctors treating all ENT problems successfully.