Overview Of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Overview Of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

You don’t really think of how and when you use your hands on a daily basis, but when the same side, all of a sudden starts to pain, go numb or has a tingling sensation, it definitely gets your attention. If such symptoms arise, the problem could be that of a carpal tunnel syndrome.

When there is immense pressure on the median nerve in the wrist, which in turn gives out these symptoms, especially on the thumb and other fingers, but not the little finger. The carpal tunnel is the passage for the median nerve that goes through the wrist, which is a narrow path of bone and ligament. When the symptoms do occur, generally there is a swelling on the wrist, which in turn squeezes and pinches the median nerve, thus causing these sensations of pain, numbness and tingling.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

It’s not always the case that your doctor might recommend surgical methods to solve the problem. But when they do, it could be due to the act that the carpal tunnel syndrome has weakened the muscles of your wrists and hands, especially when the symptoms have been hovering around for too long and there’s a general deterioration in the condition.

Alternatively, doctors could also suggest a carpal tunnel surgery if –

  • Other treatments like corticosteroids, suggested changes to daily routine or even braces do not work.
  • The pain, tingling and numbness have been persistent for the last six months or more.
  • When patients themselves feel they no longer have the grip, pinch or grasp owe things they used to before.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel surgery is conducted with two different methods: the open and endoscopic techniques. The common factor in both these methods is that the surgeon will cut the ligament around the carpal tunnel, which tends to take the pressure off the median nerve and often relieves the person of the symptoms affecting them. The outcomes of both surgeries are to allow ample space for the median nerve to pass through, which is helped by these methods, while the cut ligament comes back together after the surgery.

Open Surgery 

Involves a big incision which could go up to two inches all the way from the wrist to the palm.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Open Surgery

Endoscopic surgery

Surgeons will make a small opening on the wrist, but these incisions are much smaller, nearly half-inch. Further on the ligament is cut using the help of a tinny camera.


Over the years, when surgery has been the method used to solve the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, most cases have seen success, as the symptoms are cured and are never experienced again. However, there could be a recurrence of these symptoms from time to time if the case is much more severe. Both the open and endoscopic methods have shown excellent results, but many tend to prefer the endoscopic approach, for it has a tiny incision, which causes less pain and faster recovery.

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