Paralysis Rehabilitation An Overview

Paralysis Rehabilitation An Overview

You live life in the fast lane. We all do. It is not like a decade or two back where it was slow, work life balance was better and diseases were less. But now, since we are living the fast and furious life, we tend to miss a few things here and there. We are only human.load image...

Unfortunately, one of the most primary and important things you forget to tend to is YOUR HEALTH! Due to this ignorance and taking your health for granted, the number of illnesses and diseases has gone up to a great extent as to what it was before.

Respiratory diseases due to smoking and pollution, Orthopedic conditions due to lack of exercise, gastric diseases due to lack of nutrition and excessive intake of junk food and ultimately and more importantly, all these have an effect on your heart and brain, so cardiac and neurological conditions due to all of the above and more.

Unfortunately, one of the ‘rare’ and dangerous conditions involving the brain and the heart, which has become ‘common’ now is Stroke.

Stroke Paralysis

Now when you or anyone hears the word ‘stroke’, there’s a particular feeling of fear which surrounds it. It is a dangerous condition where due to the lack of blood supply damages the brain to some extent.

Why is Stroke dangerous? 

A stroke is when the blood supply to your brain is cut off due to various factors. Now your brain needs to function continuously so that the body can work and for that it needs a continuous supply of blood. Now if the blood is cut off, imagine what can happen to your body? Trouble walking, difficulty in understanding speech and lastly paralysis of the face, arms and legs. All of these are symptoms of a stroke.

Understanding Paralysis

Paralysis is something very difficult to deal with for obvious reasons. When it comes to a you who have been working almost all day and then indulging in other recreational activities, paralysis makes all of that stop all of a sudden. Facial Paralysis

The quality of life becomes poor and dependency on other people increases. This becomes a major difficulty for the people who have always been self sufficient. However, even though paralysis stops them from doing things, but paralysis rehabilitation helps them perform the basic everyday tasks.

Rehabilitation for Stroke Paralysis: 

When it comes to paralysis rehabilitation, unfortunately there is no sure shot about what kind of activity will give a guarantee for improvement, however, most activities which are a part of rehab work to help you perform the basic activities to the fullest.


It needs to be understood that paralysis rehabilitation and improvement takes time. So you need to have patience, hope and put in that kind of hard work so as to actually improve and understand. So the formula for productive paralysis rehabilitation would be:

Hard work Patience Hope Neuroplasticity. 

Now, you must be wondering what neuroplasticity is. Well, neuroplasticity is a natural process of your brain rewiring itself after an injury. It takes time, so you have to be patient.

Passive Rehab Exercises

Paralysis rehabilitation starts with passive rehab exercises. In this stage, someone helps you move your paralysed muscle. It is not always possible for you to do this on your own, hence when it starts, assistance is always helpful and also necessary. The exercises under paralysis rehabilitation and passive rehab exercises aim triggering the process of neuroplasticity where the brain rewires itself.

Once the brain is rewired enough, you can start exercising and completing movements with assistance. Once you have practiced enough, in due time you can shift to active rehab exercises, where you will not be given help to move your paralysed muscles.

Mental Practice 

This is another important part of paralysis rehabilitation. The art of mental practice is to visualise yourself performing a particular task. Yes, it actually does help. When you visualise yourself performing a particular task, it triggers your brain neuroplasticity the same but to a lesser degree when compared to actually doing the task.

When you combine this mental practice with the physical one, the improvement is even better. There are many other procedures when paralysis rehabilitation comes into question. Our expert team(neuro physician, physician, physiotherapist) at Sankhya Hospitals aim in helping patients recover from their paralysis to improve their quality of life and always boost their confidence to never give up.

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