Rosacea causes, symptoms and its treatment

Rosacea causes, symptoms and its treatment

Rosacea is one of the most common skin problems in which there is facial redness and blood vessels are very much visible. Many times this condition also produces pus-filled, red bumps, although they might just be small in size. Usually, these signs and symptoms flare up for a while, sometimes for weeks or months altogether, but tend to diminish for a while afterwards. In many cases, patients, and even doctors could get confused and mistake Rosacea for either acne, skin reaction (allergic) or to some other skin problem altogether


There is no specific type of people this problem could occur to but is commonly seen in middle-aged women, especially those with fair skin. As for its treatment, there is no existing cure for rosacea, although doctors can control the symptoms which will only reduce the intensity of the visible problem.

Symptoms for Rosacea – 

Facial Redness – If you notice persistent redness, especially in the central part of the face, where small blood vessels could swell up the cheeks.

Eye Problem – Along with rosacea follows eye dryness. Its a case with almost half the people suffering from this condition. There could also be a swollen eye, reddened eyelids and general irritation in the eye or nearby areas.

Swollen red bumps – There are chances patients with this conditions also develop small pimples on the face. These pimples are often mistaken to be acne and are red, sometimes with pus. These also make the skin feel a lot hotter and tender.

Nose – With rosacea, there are chances the nose might become enlarged, due to the thickening of the nose’s skin. This problem, however, is more common in men than in women.

Rosacea Causes

What causes Rosacea?

Like its treatment, the exact reason remains unknown. However, research suggests that Rosacea could be a combination of hereditary and environmental problems. Doctors would readily strike-off a hygiene related problem. However, the following could be factors that could trigger rosacea, as it is mainly thought to be due to increased blood flow to the skin’s surface.

  • Spicy Food
  • Hot drinks
  • Sunlight or wind
  • Emotions
  • Exercise
  • Cosmetics
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Blood dilating drugs like blood pressure medicines

On the other hand, some of the risk factors for rosacea could be –

  • You are a woman
  • Over the age of 30
  • Smoker
  • Fairer skin that tends to be damaged by the sun
  • Family history with rosacea

Rosacea Treatment


As mentioned before, there are no specific cures for  Rosacea. However, doctors tend to work on the symptoms to reduce the overall effect of the problem in the person. Medications are the significant controllers used by doctors, along with ointments, creams or any particular kind of therapy that might be required, about the condition suffered by the individual.

Rosacea, on the other hand, could have complications like an enlarged cheek, building up of tissue on and around the nose area, a condition known as Rhinophyma (more common in men) which develops over the years generally.


Rosacea and its symptoms if detected earlier could help the patient get treatments which could help in curbing the symptoms. This would enable the problem from not expanding itself and become a face mask of its own.

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