Scared Of Surgeries? Laparoscopic Surgeries Are A Great Option!

Scared Of Surgeries? Laparoscopic Surgeries Are A Great Option!

Nothing compares with the joy of staying healthy; and we realise that even more when something goes wrong with our health.

Now let’s say you have a disease which is deep inside your body and beyond the reach of antibiotics and other medicines; the only option is surgery. An open surgery demands a lot of stamina, intense observation and a long recovery period.

If you are scared about these things, then there is a form of surgery that will soothe your nerves – Laparoscopic Surgery.

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is an operation which can be performed in your abdomen or your pelvic area. Contrary to the traditional open surgery which requires cutting open of the abdomen, this technique allows the doctors to perform the surgery through minimal incision. Ideally, a few, very small incisions are made for the procedure. This is why, a laparoscopic surgery is also known as a minimally invasive surgery or a keyhole surgery or a band-aid surgery (yes, the incisions are that small).

Laparoscopic Surgery

How is a laparoscopic surgery performed?

Although the pain factor in such a procedure is much less in comparison to the alternative method, it is still performed under general anesthesia. Through one of the few incisions, a micro camera and a micro light are inserted which displays the sight of the interior to a screen outside. This helps the doctors in monitoring the progress. Another incision is used to blow in carbon dioxide to inflate the abdomen which gives a better view. Surgical tools are inserted through the other incision(s).

After that, based on your problem, like if you are removing your appendix or a tumour or relocating a dislocated organ or curing an ulcer  etc., the surgery proceeds differently.

At the end, the carbon dioxide is let out and the incisions are closed with sutures or clips and the wound is dressed.

Laparoscopic Surgery Procedure

Why should you opt for a laparoscopic surgery?

A laparoscopic surgery is advantageous in the following ways:

  • Less pain
  • Less bleeding
  • Less risk of infection
  • Requires less medication
  • Less down time
  • Quick recovery
  • Less scarring
  • Better diagnosis (Sometimes, instead of a surgery, laparoscopy is also used to diagnose accurately.)

Laparoscopy Recovery Time

As you would guess, the recovery time for laparoscopic surgery is very less. For one, you will have a very brief hospital stay, in certain cases, as brief as less than 24 hours! However, this will remove you from an expert observation and you will be on your own to monitor your recovery. Of course, you will be give detailed instructions, but you will have to abide by all of it very minutely. Your medicines will help your deal with pain, nausea or vomiting, bloating etc. You will have to follow a certain diet and have to obey the movement restrictions. With careful post-operative care, laparoscopy recovery time can be kept at the minimal.

However, the exact time differs based on what was operated on. For example, if it is a diagnostic laparoscopy, you can resume to your daily life in less than 5 days; but even something as serious as treating cancer could take upto 12 weeks only! So, based on this scale you could make a rough guess on how long  your laparoscopy recovery time will be. Your doctor will be able to give a clearer idea based on your health factors.

Laparoscopy is a revelation in the field of medical science. It has reduced the hassles of surgery to a huge extent for many patients in distress. Talk to your doctor to find out if you are a good candidate for such a surgery.

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