What To Do For A Swollen Knee?

What To Do For A Swollen Knee?

A damaged or hurt knee can cause more consequences than you can imagine. If your knees were not healthy and functioning, you would not be able to ‘stand on your own feet’. This means that right from sitting to getting up, walking and running, you tend  to experience pain and even immobility if your knees are hurt.

You forget to appreciate our knees for keeping the mechanism and coordination functional, until there is a disruption in their proper functioning. Many a times this disruption comes in the form of swelling in your knees.

Let’s see what could this swelling possibly indicate and what could be done t to reduce it.

Causes of swelling

Your knee tends to swell up when their is a fluid build up in or around the knee joint and the condition is called effusion in the knee. Following could be the possible causes of swelling:

  • Overuse Injury: Injuries like a torn ligament, particularly the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), cartilage (meniscus) tear, irritation from overuse could be possible injuries your knee could suffer.
  • Trauma: If you were in an accident and suffered trauma in the knee, it would swell up and have an underlying cause, like a fracture, of the swelling.
  • Infection: If you’ve recently undergone a replacement surgery, it might just be swelling before healing or you might be at a risk of postoperative infection.
  • Underlying disease or condition: Conditions like arthritis, sepsis etc could be the reason for your swelling and might need treatment.Fluid In Knee

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of a swollen knee are stiffness, swelling around the entire knee joint and pain.

What can be done to treat the swelling?

The treatment depends on the cause of the condition. A test will be done by drawing out a sample of the fluid accumulated in the knee, and then the course of treatment will be decided.

In most cases, preventive measures work the wonder, or the swelling may decrease over time with exercising.

But when it does not, you must See a Specialist to rule out what’s wrong. In case of surgery, the swelling should reduce slowly, over a period of a few weeks, if it doesn’t you might want to get that checked up.

Internal Damage Of Knee

What are the preventive measures that need to be taken?

  • Exercise well, moderately
  • Maintain proper weight
  • Keep the leg elevated for at least an hour
  • Maintain strength in the knee muscles

When something hurts to a great degree, you tend to avoid using it. Similar is the case of the knees, if they hurt while moving, you are tempted to actually stop moving to avoid pain, which would not work out in your favour in the long run. Hence it is important to not ignore the signs your body gives out and address them at the earliest.

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