World Head Injury Day 2018: The Need

There’s a reason why the head is so important. It houses the organ that orchestras every single action of yours – from blinking to breathing, from speaking to smiling, from waving to waling – you do what your brain makes you do.

No wonder then that the head and the brain need to be very well protected, and any injury to the head can be traumatic.

Millions of accidents take place every single year and hundreds of them in a single day. India tops the charts in the accident statistics, and the average age group of those who die of head injuries is 15-35.

Now, the question is why mention head injuries specifically. That’s because most of these accidents impact the head and head injuries cause on the spot deaths. Apart from death, there are other consequences that can bring down the quality of life in many aspects involving something that you individually do on a daily basis.

If you want to have a more detailed understanding of how head injuries can affect life, take a quick glance.

Although not all head injuries are serious, if you have one and turn out to be complicated, you might have a nerve blocked over time. This can lead to:

  • Vision loss
  • Being brain dead
  • Going into coma
  • Partial or complete memory loss

Brain Injury


Head injuries can also cause internal bleeding (in the brain) which can lead to further complications and can become a reason for unwanted and unpleasant consequences. In some cases the injury might not seem serious, but can be a skull fracture or can have blood clotting in the nerves. When there’s a blood clot it does not allow free flow of blood to the other parts of the brain and can burst which causes the person to have a serious attack that’s fatal.

Neurological conditions such as brain seizures are also often associated with head and brain injuries. These can occur if there’s a slightest miscommunication between the nervous system and the brain’s activity. A sudden rush of electricity can occur every now and then which can make the person become dull and zoned out. There are a number of psychological problems that can arise when a person suffers a brain injury which is unnoticed and untreated.

While neurological conditions can be genetic, head injuries can cause them with a much more severe impact on life. So, is there a way to avoid these problems?

If yes, how?

What: Just a simple step to spread more awareness about head injuries and how to prevent them.

How: World Head Injury Awareness Day

When: 20th March

What is World Head Injury Awareness Day?

World Head Injury Awareness Day is a noble initiative proposed by the World Health Organization, and is celebrated on the 20th of March every year. The purpose of this day is to spread awareness on the importance of road safety which aids in avoiding head injuries. However, road safety is still only one aspect, and there are other things to be taken into consideration which can avoid even the smallest of head injuries. The reason being, even the minor head injuries can sometimes lead to complications like internal bleeding and brain injuries which can go unnoticed.

How is the day observed?

Campaigns and events are conducted on a world-wide scale through every form of media. Social media is one way to reach out to the masses these days and you can join this initiative too.

  • How to use safety equipment.
  • What to do in case of an emergency.
  • What precautions to take while in the hospital after a head injury.
  • Importance of wearing helmets and seat belts.
  • What happens when you get too casual about getting certain check-ups done after a head injury.

These are a few points that are highlighted in the events conducted on World Head Injury Awareness Day.

World Head Injury Awareness Day

Living with a head injury is like a huge compromise that many people end up making, and are bound to live a life of struggle only because of their own negligence. So, unless you want to be lazy and live your entire life wheeled, or with attacking seizures that drop the quality of your life down, join us in voicing out the importance of avoiding head injuries.

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